Ein Ergebnis aus dem Englischunterricht Jahrgang 7 zum Thema London

Welcome to our London Sightseeing Tour. Please get on our red Double Decker Bus and get to know London.
Our first stop is the Tower of London. This was built in the 11th century. At first, it was a palace and later it was used as a prison. Today the Crown Jewels are kept there. Our second stop is Tower Bridge, built in 1894 in the Gothic Revival style. Roadway can be folded up, so that large ships can drive underneath. The upper bend is the pedestrian bridge. Continue to our next stop.

Continue to Westminster Bridge. The road bridge was rebuilt in 1854. It is 252 meters long and 26 meters wide. It is the oldest bridge in London.

Continue to our fourth stop: Big Ben. Big Ben is a bell located in the Elisabeth Tower. This belongs to Westminster Palace.

Now we continue to the fifth stop of our tour: Piccadilly Circus. Piccadilly Circus is a crossroads connecting Regent Street and Piccadilly. It was built in 1819. Today  it is known for the many colorful billboards. Let’s get to
our last stop.

We arrive at our sixth and last stop: Buckingham Palace. The palace was built in 1703 by a nobleman from Buckingham County. The palace has more than 775 rooms. Only for a few months tourists can visit a part of the palace, in the summer months. Now get off the bus, because the Queen has invited us for teatime with scones. Enjoy the meal.  I hope you liked the tour with our red Double Decker Bus.
Lea D, 7b